You smile as you park your car and cautiously look around wondering if she is arriving at the same time. Afternoon coffee is the perfect way to first get acquainted, although you had nearly suggested meeting at the beach and going for a walk first.

When it comes to approaching women in public, most men end up way off base of what they really should be doing. You have to be aware that approaching a woman out on the street, in a store, or any other public everyday venue is not the same as walking up to a woman in a bar or a nightclub. If you try to walk up to a woman and open a conversation the same way that you would in any of these nightspots, you probably are not going to get very good results at all.

Mondays are good day to discover something new in the Austin music scene. This week is no different. The music begins at 8:00pm at Flipnotics on Barton Springs Road. Ron Scott, Nic Walker and Amy Annelle will be sharing their music with the coffee crowd. A quick browse brought up some of Annelle’s music, and she’ll be perfect for Flip’s space. She possesses a voice reminiscent of Margo Timmons and her music is a blend of moody sound scapes and acoustic comfort. Should be perfect for kicking back and letting the holiday madness float away.

Jochem said that to give up the ability to sell drugs was not something most proprietors would do because it was much more lucrative than selling alcohol. So far as he knew, no new licenses were being issued to establishments that wanted to sell drugs. On the other hand, almost anyone can get a license to sell alcohol and the competition among alcohol-only establishments was overwhelming. Even with the lessening of penalties in Germany, France, England and other countries, which is construed as potential competition and could eventually keep visitors to Amsterdam in Dens of Iniquity in their own countries, owners feel that the weed business will remain strong.

Loyalty Cards: Yes, they are releasing a Starbucks Reward Program. Why do they need a loyalty card for coffee drinkers? Because they work! And, if they will work for a cup of coffee, they will work for patient’s who spend a great deal more on healthcare then they do on coffee.

Which product should they sell? This and other questions are causing no small amount of stress among the coffee shop business owners. Will more “weed only” licenses become available causing their local competition to increase? Will the other countries in the EU begin to relax some of their Draconian laws concerning the possession and use of these substances? What about Canada and Switzerland both of whom have begun easing penalties for possessing small amounts?

Maybe you don’t want all of the heartache and stress that comes with starting a business. Maybe you just want the heartache and stress that comes with buying a business! Whatever your decision is be sure that you are well informed. Hopefully I can give you some direction as to what to look for and what to expect.